About Milieukeur

Milieukeur is the national eco-label for more sustainable non-food products and services. Milieukeur’s criteria are based on the life cycle of a product or service and include various sustainability themes.

Milieukeur certification is only possible for non-food product groups for which there is not (yet) an EU Ecolabel certificate, like green electricity and fire extinguishers. Applicants’ interest is increasingly shifting from Milieukeur to EU Ecolabel: business is becoming more international and EU Ecolabel more well-known.

Our certificate holders

A certificate holder is a sustainability frontrunner who has had his product or service certified with the Milieukeur label. Our certificate holders are making efforts to make their production more sustainable.

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Board of Experts

The Non-food Board of Experts focuses on the establishment and changes of criteria for Milieukeur, EU Ecolabel, the Milieuthermometer Zorg, and the Barometer Sustainable Events.

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