Is your product or service certified for Milieukeur? On this page, you will find the logo usage guidelines for the label and the logo tool to download the logo with your individual registration number.

Logo guidelines

The use and application of the Milieukeur logo and wording are described in the General Requirements, forming part of the Milieukeur certification schemes.

Logo tool

Complete this online form to receive the Milieukeur logo with your individual registration number (e.g., ABC 1234567).

After our approval, you will receive high and low resolution files with the different variations of the logo (JPG and PNG).

Individual registration number

Certificate holders are required to include their unique registration number in the Milieukeur logo. This number consists of an abbreviation of the name of the certification body and a serial number (e.g. ABC 1234567).

Online communication

A clear digital presence of your Milieukeur certification can also raise awareness of your environmental commitment and create a positive image. For example, you can place the label’s logo on your website, publish a sustainability page and communicate via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Tip: tag Milieukeur on Twitter, so we can share your message.

Protection against improper use of Milieukeur logo and wording

The Milieukeur word-brand and logo are legally protected and registered with the Benelux Trademarks Office under number 0516647.

Sanctions will be imposed for the improper use of the word-brand or logo.

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