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Milieukeur fire extinguishers internationally produced and well-recognized

Milieukeur is the sole European environmental label for fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing agents. European and national initiatives from governments and business stimulate 'sustainable procurement', which is becoming increasingly important, driving an increasing amount of European manufacturers to produce according to the criteria of Milieukeur, The Milieukeur certificate has been awarded to more than 80 products from 15 companies in Belgium, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

Product group Milieukeur fire extinguishers

  • Portable fire extinguishers: CO2 extinguishers, water with additives and foam extinguishers (water with foam additives)
  • Extinguishing foams (foam water with additives), water with additives and extinguishing gases (inert gases including CO2 and chemical components) which are used as a fire-extinguishing medium in installations
  • Frost-free fire extinguishers

Environmental requirements Milieukeur fire extinguishers
The Milieukeur certification scheme for fire extinguishers contains environmental criteria that the product and ingredients must meet, while the functionality of the fire extinguishing agent is ensured. The functionality is guaranteed by a valid ‘Rijkskeurmerk’ and EN-, ISO- and VdS-standards, depending on the product type.

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